Thank you Ed.
I'm in love with Ed and all his little things.


Ed backstage!


Ed Sheeran accepts Best Male Video for ‘Sing’ - MTV Video Music Awards 2014


Ed on Soundchain with Zane Lowe [x]


i’m starting to get emotional because ed has just came so far and his album is doing so well and he’s growing up and just. ugh

Do you wanna lose? Do you wanna be on the wall of losers? I drove you all the way here. —Taylor Swift to Ed Sheeran when he attempted to give up an ice cream eating contest at Mystics in Rhode Island (7/29/13)



The fanbase I have are very, very loyal and very, very, um, kind of excitable. And I think it’s because we’re all misfits. This is what I’ve seen. Like, if you were to go to like a big pop concert - like a big one, choose anyone - the girls kind of glam themselves up, and they’re all in heels and they’re all in dresses and they kind of try and outdo each other, whereas like when I’m at my concert, everyone’s just kind of themselves. They’re all in Converse and baggy jeans and kinda - exactly like me. You know, a bit of a misfit. So I find that that’s why the fanbase are kinda like that. They kind of all come together and realize that they all fit in together. What’s the quote? It’s um, ‘A misfit isn’t a misfit amongst misfits.’ —Ed Sheeran, August 23, 2014.  (via littlebitofbass)
"Dreams you own, just set your goals and have the utmost faith in it. Tread your own path." - Ed
dufreale: can i marry ed sheeran



step in lineeee


I met Ed in Lucerne the 18.7.2014
He hadn’t time because he had to do an interview but he stopped the same. Everything was perfect and it’s Ed who take that photo. The concert was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen in my life and I miss him.